production design beatrice schultz



touched feature film, 2023, 135 min.



written and directed by claudia rorarius

produced by 2pilots filmproduction gmbh, köln, soquiet filmproduction, berlin

a love story between two people outside the usual physical norm. passion, fearless action and the desire to overcome limits are the fertile soil for the lovers in a self-determined life.

a transformative journey begins.

personal note bodies that do not correspond to the common ideal of beauty, move in spaces that are real and yet artificial at the same time.


the film takes place largely in a hospital-like setting in a residential home for people with physical disabilities.

the long corridors were a recurring theme in conversations with the director. to me the hallway was symbolising a birth canal and represented the development that maria goes through in her toxic relationship with alex and finaly ends in maria’s liberation.

just as the two lovers attract and repel each other, there were two poles for me: interior spaces and natural spaces.

the bright colors on the walls became an important means of expression and set an aesthetic counterpoint to this hard, sometimes disturbing love story.






world premiere at the locarno film festival, 2023

section concorso cineaste del presente




film release in german cinemas 2nd of may 2024



awards achtung berlin film festival best production design (won)