production design beatrice schultz



karger / karger feature film, 2005/2006, 88 min. (hdtv - transferred to 35mm)

written and directed by elke hauck

cinematographer patrick orth

produced by ö-film production, Berlin

premiered in "competition" at the max ophuls film festival, 2007

award of the saarland minister-president, 2007


personal note

the challenge was to create four different apartments.
the film production company did rent those apartments in a completely disinhabited state.

mood photos from set (karger's flat)

Karger, our protagonist, is living in a two rooms apartment. he is a single, around 40 years of age. The separation from his wife Sabine was happening recently. His furniture is rather provisional. Probably gathered together from somewhere. In his flat we find a children bed, in case his little daughter, aged four years, wants to stays overnight. But it was never used. The child's bed is the only piece of furniture that he really bought new.

sabine's flat (karger's ex-girlfriend)


her flat is the former family flat, which she inhabited along with karger and the daughter.
the apartment exudes a saddled rest. it is restrained and tidy and has all the ingredients for family life.

ulrike's flat (karger's new girlfriend)

ulrike lives with her two sons from a previous relationship in an old building apartment. the flat exudes a certain strength and willingness to go out of new paths and is more

unconventional than sabines apartment.

karger's parents' flat

this apartment is absolutely classic. the wedding picture is may be the only clue that shows us who is living here.