production design beatrice schultz








"it is my passion to make visual experience come alive.


as a production designer i create the fictional world around the inhabitants of a film. the tools i use for this are as manifold as films are diverse: everything is allowed, as long as it ultimately serves to seduce the audience – taking them by the hand and allowing them to immerse themselves in the story."



born in 1968 in southern germany.

after graduating from highschool, i completed a tailoring apprenticeship as well as several internships and assistantships at the stuttgart and munich state theatres and operas.

from 1992 to 1998, I studied costume and stage design at the university of fine arts (UdK) in berlin, completing my diploma with honours.

I started working as a costume and stage designer for theatre, but soon discovered my passion lay in film. since 1998, i’ve worked as a freelance production designer for a wide range of art and feature films.

I live with my family in berlin.