production design beatrice schultz



irgendwann werden wir uns alles erzählen, feature film, 2022, 133 min.


written and directed by emily atef

cinematographer armin dierolf

produced by karsten stöter, ROW pictures (leipzig)


world premiere at the berlin film festival, section: competition, 2023

turnaround time in thuringia, the GDR can only be felt as a distant noise.
"at some point we will tell each other everything" provides an intimate look at the love story of an unlikely couple. scene of the action, two farms, the brendelhof and the hennerhof. in between, a railway line that connects and separates. a river meanders through the elster valley, where time has always stood still in a way.
A first encounter in the farm shop, a look, two words, further consequences in the heat of summer.
what begins, book in hand, in the remote attic, in a place without substance, provisional, nonconformist, searching, becomes maria's own personal story through the encounter with henner. two people, bound by a love of literature, at the mercy of mutual physical attraction. a love affair, mutual, intense to obsessive.
in this state of being in love, life in all its facets can no longer be grasped, perception is limited, only fragmentary. the focus on the loved one, the rest on the sidelines in a variation between documentation and abstraction.
the story lives in the characters, but also in the localization, as well as the society and the historical situation of the turning point of:
opposites, contrasts, counterweights, differences, discrepancies, complements, ambivalence, downsides, antagonisms of the sexes, classes and societies.













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